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When prescription is a recipe!

Food is my best friend, you have often heard or said these lines when you are happy from what’s in front of you.

Yes, I am a foodie and I love to eat, to experience different sorts of food and search for something new.

There are always two types of people one who just eats and one who over eats, but the thing that is common is that eating is our need. One thing that should be kept in mind while eating is the quality of food.

As it is said “eating is necessity but cooking is an art.” Hunger is a dangerous tool which instills the desire to eat, loading a person with undesirable amounts of food that the body fails to withstand.

Just like a car tank our stomach too has a capacity of intake and forcing it further might cause an explosion. People who have suffered from jaundice have asked themselves that why does every tasty food has to be harmful? And why aren’t medicines the ones to be ignored rather than mouthwatering food?

When question like these arise, the answer is simple “prescription is your recipe.” Now we know that most of us hate medicines and it’s just like forcing a child to study when he wants to play.

The best thing we can do is to find a common solution. I was watching power puff girls for the old times sake and a thing which popped up into my mind was, what if I mix sugar, spice and everything nice?

Yes, if you’re thinking what I am thinking then we are on the right track. Which is to convert a prescription into a recipe, a non- eatable into something that we love to eat. Human nature demands and is hesitant to follow, the reason why medication has to disguise itself into a desirable thing.

When prescription is a recipe, health recovers tremendously and raises bars of life expectancy.

Healthy lifestyle is adopted worldwide and the world has progressed towards a healthy diet but there are sadly countries where diet is a bigger problem than what we imagine.

Hygenic measure are overseen where concerned authorities are hibernating. Food is our mood, it defines our personality and a healthy diet indicates that a person is aware of the risks.

The ideology behind good food depends on its presentation too. A bad looking dish might repel you so there is a need for such a dish that can be presentable.

Medicines are like mud, considered as ugly but if engineered the right way it can form shapes the are the most beautiful shapes on earth.

Similarly, we can transform the medicines to a presentable and eatable form, the one that everybody loves. It’s high time that we realize to introduce healthy lifestyle in our daily routine and take out time from our social activities and make a positive use of healthy apps available mentioned below.

• Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal.

• Calorie Counter Pro by MyNetDiary.

• Fooducate.

• Google Fit.

• iTriage Health.

• Lifesum.

• MyTrainer Diet Fitness Workout.